Cross The Line


Those Austrians just keep on bringing the fire to the Hospital camp! Having made the call with TC, looked into the future with Jenna G and Futurebound and generally caused a ruckus with their rambunctious new material on a fictional 80s game show, the terrible two are back with their debut album on Hospital Records.

The album features collaborations with some of the UK’s finest vocalists and producers, including: Bristol based tour de force TC, trance vocalist Shaz Sparks, everyone’s favourite D+B diva Jenna G, Viper Recs boss Futurebound, soulful singer Ayah Marar and upcoming Mancunian talent Skittles.

“Cross The Line” is everything you’d expect and more from the Viennese pair; a fourteen-track rollercoaster ride of emotions, veering between polished vocal-led beauties to filthy tear-out monsters, which firmly establishes Camo & Krooked outside the D+B sphere, as they delve into dubstep, drumstep, electro-house and everything in between.

Highlights from across the high octane adventure, include opener “Get Dirty” with its bouncing, lively melody and feel-good vox, previous single and dubstep smash “All Fall Down” / “Breezeblock”, and the euphoric feel-good fuzziness of title track “Cross The Line”. Elsewhere “The Lesson” adds a grittier, urban edge, “Funk You” brings in some punchy electro-house to the mix, whilst “Afterlife” brings the album to a sensual close, with rippling synths and hypnotic glow.

All in all, it’s an outstanding offering from Camo & Krooked which proves they are soaring well ahead of the game. This is the sound of the future!